Ocean Model Working Group Meeting 2024


CESM Ocean Model Working Group Meeting

7- February- 8 February 2024

Wednesday, February 7th

Main Seminar Room

Welcome and Logistics


Modular ways to have waves in CESM3.0
Paul Hall

Discussion: Waves and Ocean PBL Physics in CESM3

Mapping the global variation of ocean alkalinity enhancement efficiency for carbon dioxide removal
Mengyang Zhou

Keith Lindsay

A scale-dependent vertical structure for mesoscale energy backscatter parameterizations
Wenda Zhang

Progress towards implementing a stochastic backscatter scheme in MOM6
Ian Grooms

Thursday, February 8th

Main Seminar Room

Welcome and Logistics

Data-driven parameterization of mesoscale eddies constrained with physics
Pavel Perezhogin

A strategy to automatically calibrate a mesoscale-resolving coupled ocean and sea ice model against observations based on the OMIP protocol
Greg Wagner

Discussion: New Physics and Machine Learning Approaches

Impacts of ocean model resolution on conditions near the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Mira Berdahl

Discussion – OMWG Plans for CESM3.0 and Beyond