Whole Atmosphere Working Group (WAWG)

The Whole Atmosphere Working Group (WAWG) plays a role in the inter-divisional collaboration of the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM) which is a comprehensive numerical model, spanning the range of altitude from the Earth's surface to the thermosphere.

Users who wish to publish science with CESM2 (WACCM6) are encouraged to use a scientifically validated configuration. For most users, this will mean using the latest release version of CESM2.1, which was used for all CESM runs done for CMIP6. Users should select the latest incremental update (i.e., CESM2.1.5) described in the CESM models page. Currently validated configurations of WACCM6 incorporate CAM6 physics in the lower atmosphere and should be referenced in publications as CESM2 (WACCM6), as described in Gettelman et al. (2019).

Helpful Links

Support Forum

Support for running CESM is available on the DiscussCESM bulletin board, where users request assistance with science and runtime issues. The bulletin board includes a WACCM support forum section. The announcements section of the forum contains a number of guides of general use to WACCM users, as well as announcements from CSEG.

Mailing List

Users are encouraged to participate in meetings of the CCSM WACCM Working Group and to sign up for our email list.

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