Community Climate System Model (CCSM)

CCSM is a coupled climate model for simulating the earth's climate system

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It is important to note that CCSM4 is a subset of CESM1. The CCSM4.0 code base is frozen and all future model updates will occur from the CESM1.0 code base. In addition, although CESM1 supersedes CCSM4, users can run all CCSM4 experiments from the CESM1 code base.

The Community Climate System Model (CCSM) is a coupled climate model for simulating the earth's climate system. Composed of four separate models simultaneously simulating the earth's atmosphere, ocean, land surface and sea-ice, and one central coupler component, the CCSM allows researchers to conduct fundamental research into the earth's past, present and future climate states. Please see the brief overview of the notable model improvements

Model Input Data

The input data necessary to run all supported component sets is made available from a public subversion input data repository. Note that the inputdata repository has much more data in it than you need to run CCSM4.0

DO NOT attempt to svn checkout the whole input data repository. The CCSM4.0 User's Guide explains how to obtain the subset of input data required for your needs.

Performance and Load Balancing Data

The CCSM4 Timing Table provides performance data that will continue to evolve due to changes in the model, machine hardware and input from the user community.