Ocean Model Working Group (OMWG)

The goals of the Ocean Model Working Group are to support the broad scientific objectives of CESM by developing and maintaining a state-of-the-science ocean component model and to serve as a nexus for community-led curiosity-driven research in oceanographic and climate sciences using CESM.

The Ocean Model Working Group is currently transitioning from the Parallel Ocean Program (POP2) to the Modular Ocean Model version 6 (MOM6) as the dynamical ocean component model. The later will provide additional flexibility, usability, and accuracy enabling CESM to address climate research questions across a wider range of scales and interface with new components such as dynamic ice sheets and regional coastal models. Additional information can be found in the initial documentation for CESM/MOM6. For lectures and presentations on MOM6, please check the 2020 MOM6 Webinar Series.


  • Linking Glimmer Ice Sheet Model to CESM
  • Additional information on these projects can be viewed by visiting the CESM OMWG wiki

Ocean Model Co Chairs