Atmosphere Model Working Group (AMWG)

The Atmosphere Model Working Group (AMWG) is a broad collection of researchers across university and federal institutions engaged in atmospheric science research using the Community Earth System Model (CESM). The overarching goal is to continually develop the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) in order to periodically provide new versions for use by the wider CESM community.

We set short and long term development targets to guide community research. Ultimately, we aim to deliver the best representation of the atmosphere to be used in multiple applications for climate, climate variability and climate change research.

CAM Development

Development focuses on research into new and existing physical parameterizations, dynamical cores and added functionality for CAM.

Dycores & resolution

Current research focuses on a new vertical grid for CAM with increased resolution & higher model tops, exploring the benefits of increased horizontal resolution both globally & in regionally-refined configurations, and implementing three potential dynamical cores.


Current efforts focus on improved representation of moist turbulence and convection from planetary boundary layer (PBL) processes to organized mesoscale convection


Diagnostics for a set of CESM and CAM experiments reflecting our development efforts as well as previous development configurations.

Featured Tools

Providing information about the Community Atmosphere Model as well as tools to analyze the model output.

Atmosphere Models

The Community Atmosphere Model is the latest in a series of global atmosphere models developed at NCAR for the weather & climate research communities, also serving as the atmospheric component of the Community Earth System Model

Diagnostics Packages & Tools

Tools to analyze model output including the AMWG diagnostics package, the Atmosphere Diagnostics Framework (ADF), Model Diagnostics Task Force (MDTF) and more.

Developer Corner

Information and tools for developers of the Community Atmosphere Model