Atmosphere Model Working Group co-chairs rotation

Christiane Jablonowski of University of Michigan rotated off as an external co-chair after 8 years of dedicated and productive service to the AMWG community. Christiane was instrumental in guiding many important CAM developments during her tenure. She was a scientific advocate for increased vertical resolution in CAM, which has now been adopted, as well as key advisor on the evaluation and selection of dynamical cores for CAM. In addition, Christiane was an active participant in the CESM and AMWG research community. We are grateful for her contributions. Christiane will continue to serve on the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) for CESM, and we look forward to continued collaboration.

We are excited to welcome Hui Wan of DOE/PNNL as a new AMWG co-chair.  Hui has been an active participant in the AMWG community for many years. She has extensive experience in detailed diagnosis of the physics-dynamics coupling of atmospheric models, which have revealed important dependencies on time-stepping and physics ordering. We look forward to incorporating Hui’s insights into CAM development over the coming years.

Christiane Jablonowski and Hui Wan