Community Earth System Model 2 (CESM2)

The latest release in the CESM family including many substantial science and infrastructure improvements since its previous version

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Current Release

The supported CESM development release is CESM 2.2.2 and the supported CESM production release is CESM 2.1.5

Note: The CESM2.2.z release is not a scientifically supported version; that is, we do not have any long simulations with this model version yet. In most cases, users should continue to use the CESM2.1.z series for their science and especially for CMIP6-related simulations.

Scientific Validation

Scientific validation consists of a multi-decadal model run of the given component set at the target resolution, followed by scientific review of the model output diagnostics.

* This page now contains links to datasets on ESGF, CDG, glade and NCAR HPSS as well as diagnostic plots and caseroot details.

Use Cases

Listed below are several common use cases with links into the corresponding on-line documentation.

Prognostic Components

Each model component page contains descriptions and documentation for active or prognostic models.

CIME Documentation

Common Infrastructure for Modeling the Earth contains the coupling infrastructure, support scripts, data models and utility libraries needed to create a single-executable coupled Earth System Model.

* CIME does not contain any prognostics components and is available in a stand-alone package that can be compiled and tested with just its data components.

Configurations and Grids

Component configurations include settings required for CIME enabled models; both prognostic and data model components. These settings include:

* Includes Fortran namelists and CASEROOT variable definitions

External Library Documentation

* Support for these tools is currently limited to NCAR machines only

Model Input Data

As of CESM2, the input data necessary to run all supported component sets is made available from a number of different public repositories including:


Do not attempt to checkout the whole input data repository, it is currently over 20 TB


The CIME User Guide explains how to obtain the subset of input data required for your needs