Metrics & Diagnostics

Post-Proecessing Analysis Tools

GEOV is an IDL-based viewer for geophysical history files created by NCAR's CAM, WACCM and MOZART models. GEOV can be downloaded as a gzipped tarball here.

Additional CAM diagnostic packages are described under CAM Post-Processing Utilities on the CAM documentation page. Diagnostic packages for all model components (atmosphere, land, ice, and ocean) can be found from the component post-processing utilities page.

Validating CESM/WACCM

Users may validate their implementation of CESM/WACCM by repeating experiments we have done at NCAR, and using the component post-processing utilities to compare the climate generated to output we have made available publicly on the Earth System Grid. Please visit our CESM 1.0 experiments and diagnostics page for an updated list of experiments with links to output data locations. Output from additional experiments will be made available on a timeline in accordance with the CMIP5 data policy.