Climate Variability & Change Working Group (CVCWG)

The goals of the Climate Variability and Change Working Group (CVCWG) are to understand and quantify contributions of natural and anthropogenically-forced patterns of climate variability and change. Towards that end, the CVCWG coordinates, conducts and archives simulations with CESM that are of broad interest to the national and international climate research communities. These simulations are designed to enable researchers to evaluate and understand mechanisms of internal variability and externally-forced change due to natural and anthropogenic factors, detection and attribution of past climate change, and projections and predictions of future change. These simulations can also serve as baselines for users who wish to perform their own pertubation experiments using the same model version. A complete list of CVCWG simulations available for public download via the Climate Data Gateway at NCAR is available.

Other CVCWG activities include development of the Climate Variability Diagnostics Package for Large Ensembles (CVDP-LE), the Climate Variability Diagnostics Package (CVDP) and Climate Data Guide, as well as contributions to the AGU CESM2 Virtual Special Issue and the CCSM4 and CESM1 Special Issues of the Journal of Climate.