CAM6 pre-industrial controls

The CVCWG has ran two atmosphere/land pre-industrial control simulations using CAM6. Details on these ensembles and instructions for how to access the data can be found below.

We kindly ask that you acknowledge the CVCWG when presenting results based on the CAM6 pre-industrial controls in either oral and written form.

Project Details

  • Simulation Names: f.e21.F1850.f09_f09_mg17.SSTICE_CMIP6-piControl.001 / f.e21.F1850.f09_f09_mg17.DAILYSSTIC_CMIP6-piControl.001
  • Model Version:CESM2.1.2 Codebase | Documentation
  • Resolution: 0.9x1.25 (CESM nominal 1o grid)
  • Years: 0-999 / 1000-1499
  • Time Frequencies Saved: Monthly, Daily
  • Machine: NCAR:Cheyenne
  • Compsets: F1850
  • Additional Notes for f.e21.F1850.f09_f09_mg17.SSTICE_CMIP6-piControl.001: CAM6 control run forced with climatological monthly SST/sea ice from years 401 to 2000 of the CESM2.1 coupled control run (b.e21.B1850.f09_g17.CMIP6-piControl.001). The active components in this run are the atmosphere and the land.

  • Additional Notes for f.e21.F1850.f09_f09_mg17.DAILYSSTIC_CMIP6-piControl.001: CAM6 control run forced with daily SST/sea ice from years 1000-1499 of the CESM2.1 coupled control run (b.e21.B1850.f09_g17.CMIP6-piControl.001).

Data Acquisition

The data is available from NCAR/CISL's campaign store accessible via the NCAR machine casper at:


If you do not have access to the CISL campaign store or NCAR's casper machine you can contact the CVCWG liaisons for assistance.