Dry Dynamical Core

Note, these instructions are only valid for the 2018 CESM2 or later releases. 

The dry Eulerian spectral-transform dry dynamical core can be run "out of the box" in either an adiabatic configuration or using the idealized physics configuration described in Held and Suarez (1994). The intention of these set-ups is to allow for a detailed investigation into aspects of the atmospheric dynamics in a simplified setting with a highly idealized representation of the physical processes.

The pages below describe how to run these two simple configurations and how to test the model output. It is recommended that users perform these tests before embarking on their research to ensure that the model is set up correctly. These tests also provide a useful introduction to the running of the simpler models available in CESM and so they are a recommended starting point.

The dynamical core configurations can be run using the compsets below and more information on each one can be found by following the associated links

Adiabatic (baroclinic lifecycle): FDABIP04

Held-Suarez/Ideal Physics: FHS94