Development Plans

Development Priorities for CESM2

  • Improved representation of Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA), with volatility basis set (VBS) framework, coupled to expanded tropospheric chemistry
  • Include ammonium nitrate in modal aerosol model (MAM3 or MAM4)
  • Implement FAST-J/CLOUD-J online photolysis scheme
  • Evaluate chemistry in CAM6/CLUBB at 1-deg
  • Evaluate chemistry in coupled land-atmosphere-biogeochemistry model configurations; particularly biogenic emissions, CLM fire emissions and vertical distribution; methane from land and ocean
  • SE/FV dynamical core comparison: on-going tracer tests based on SD configuration 


  • Tools for model result differencing
  • Benchmark numbers: methyl chloroform lifetime, ozone budget terms, methane lifetime, mass-weighted tropospheric OH, lightning NOx, emissions (co/nox/isoprene)