Model Developments

The following developments for CAM-chem (including the Workhorse Model: 93L (80km) and 58L (40km) (ne30pg3)) are listed below.

Implemented but not validated

Updates added into the development code:

  • New  Chemistry: Troposphere + Stratosphere (TS1.2) (Issue #558)
  • New aerosol model: MAM5 (MAM4 + 1 mode for stratospheric sulfate) for all CESM configuration (Issue #663, #664)
  • Optional Upper boundary conditions for the low top L58 model  (Issue #533)
  • Updated Soil NOx emissions (Issue #1952)

Updates to be added by  Summer 2023

  • Online DMS emissions based on Online Air-Sea Interface for Soluble  Species (OASISS) -> all CESM compsets (CAM, CAMchem, WACCM)
  • Simple chemistry (for CAM7)  with updated SOA parameterization to support tropospheric aerosol formation (MAM4) (Issue #727 )
  • HEMCO Emission Component (Issue #560) 
  • New photolysis scheme (TUV-x) (
  • New dust emission scheme in CTSM (Issue #651)
  • Marine Organic Aerosol Emissions (Issue #531)