Polar Amplification Model Intercomparison Project

2020-12-09: Polar Amplification Model Intercomparison Project (PAMIP) Workshop Announcement

We invite you to participate in a virtual PAMIP workshop to be held over a 2-3 day period in April 2021. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together the PAMIP community and their associates to share scientific results and to facilitate collaborative studies based on the PAMIP multi-model experiment database. A suggested outcome from the workshop will be the coordination of task teams to each lead an aspect of the multi-model analyses, with a view to publishing these studies in a “virtual special issue” journal collection. Please reply to Dr. Lantao Sun (ltsun@rams.colostate.edu) by December 22, 2020 if you would like to participate, what research topic(s) you are interested in and would like to see discussed, and if you have a preference for dates in April 2021. Please share this announcement with your colleagues as our aim is to include a wide set of participants. For more information on PAMIP, please see: https://www.cesm.ucar.edu/projects/CMIP6/PAMIP/.

Thank you and best regards,

Clara Deser, James Screen, Doug Smith and Lantao Sun (PAMIP co-chairs and coordinators)

Polar amplification, the phenomenon that external radiative forcing produces a larger change in surface temperature at high latitudes than the global average, is a key aspect of anthropogenic climate change but its causes and consequences are not fully understood.

The Polar Amplification Model Intercomparison Project (PAMIP), co-led by Dr. Doug Smith, Dr. James Screen, and Dr. Clara Deser seeks to improve our understanding of this phenomenon through a coordinated set of numerical model experiments. As one of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) endorsed MIPs, PAMIP will address the following primary questions:

  1. What are the relative roles of local sea ice and remote sea surface temperature changes in driving polar amplification?
  2. How does the global climate system respond to changes in Arctic and Antarctic sea ice?

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The following article provides an overview of the PAMIP including the protocols:

Article Reference

Smith, D. M., J. A. Screen, C. Deser, J. Cohen, J. C. Fyfe, J. García-Serrano, T. Jung, V. Kattsov, D. Matei, R. Msadek, Y. Peings, M. Sigmond, J. Ukita, J.-H. Yoon and X. Zhang, The Polar Amplification Model Intercomparison Project (PAMIP) contribution to CMIP6: investigating the causes and consequences of polar amplification, Geosci. Model Dev., 12, 1139–1164, 2019

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