On-Going Project Descriptions

  • Refractive index constraint on jet response (Doug Smith, Elisa Manzini, Michael Sigmond)
  • Summer extremes (Laurent Terray)
  • Waviness/blocking (Tido Semmler, Russell Blackport, Gudrun Magnusdottir)
  • Siberian/Eurasian cooling (James Screen/Russell Blackport, Gudrun Magnusdottir, Masato Mori)
  • Poleward heat transport response to sea ice and SST (Paul Kushner, Yutian Wu)
  • Interhemispheric connections (Rosie Eade)
  • Stratosphere-troposphere coupling (Yannick Peings, Jinro Ukita, Jiankai Zhang)
  • Antarctic response (Holly Ayres)
  • Sensitivity to background state/nonlinearity (Rym Msadek)
  • Dynamical vs thermodynamical responses (Rym Msadek)
  • QBO and response to sea-ice anomalies (Guillaume Gastineau)
  • Investigation of the causality links behind the sea ice / atmosphere links in observations and models (Guillaume Gastineau)
  • Arctic climate feedback response to SST and sea ice changes (Matthew Jenkins, Aiguo Dai, Clara Deser)

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