Land Ice and Polar Climate Working Group Meeting 2024

Agenda Track

Land Ice/Polar Climate Working Groups
6- February- 7 February 2024

Agenda Track

Tuesday, February 6

Damon Room


Understanding the extreme Antarctic sea ice anomaly of winter 2023 with CESM2
Ed Blanchard-Wrigglesworth

Greenhouse gasses, aerosols, and La Nina!? CESM2 reveals what matters for Antarctica’s surface mass balance history
David Schneider


The impact of definition differences on projections of an ice-free Arctic
Alexandra Jahn

An Earlier Ice-Free Arctic is Expected due to the Current Realization of Pacific Decadal Variability
Chris Wyburn-Powell



Large future changes in the North Water Polynya are most likely if global warming exceeds 2°C
Jed Lenetsky

Discussion- Diagnostics, Experiments, Future Modeling Needs