Simulation of the Transient Climate of the Last 21,000 Years (TraCE-21ka)

This TraCE-21ka dataset contains the monthly atmospheric output from the transient simulation with CCSM3 of the climate from the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) to Present. These results are from a fully-coupled, non-accelerated atmosphere-ocean-sea ice-land surface simulation at the T31_gx3 resolution. The simulation starts at 22,000 years before present (22 ka) and finishes in 1990 CE. The model is forced with transient orbital parameters and greenhouse gas concentrations. Transient boundary conditions include the ICE-5G ice sheets – extent and topography, and changing paleogeography as sea level rises from its LGM low stand to modern levels. We also prescribe a transient scenario of freshwater forcing to the oceans from the retreating ice sheets. Vegetation is prognostic. TraCE files are available on the Earth System Grid.

Visit the TraCE-21ka Homepage for more information.

The data are organized in 36 segments. Each segment includes the available atmospheric variables in CMIP5 single-variable time series format. The files are in netcdf format. Note that some discontinuities may exist at single grid points when the boundary conditions or the time step changed.

Publication acknowledgement

TraCE-21ka was made possible by the DOE INCITE computing program, and supported by NCAR, the NSF P2C2 program, and the DOE Abrupt Change and EaSM programs.