This self contained tutorial contains 2 parts, and reflects materials presented at and developed for the CAM6 Tutorial held in June 2019 at NCAR in Boulder, CO.

  • First is a containerized version of CESM2 that runs under docker on any platform (Mac, Linux, Windows) and is configured for the Single Column Atmosphere Model version 6 (SCAM6). There are also detailed setup instructions and exercises.
  • Second is a series of presentations on aspects of atmospheric physics and particularly CAM6 physical parameterizations

CESM2-SCAM6 Containerized Tutorial

We have developed a ‘containerized’ version of CESM2 that runs the Single Column Atmosphere Model (SCAM6). This is a full version of CESM2, just configured with input data for a single compset (FSCAM). The container uses Docker, an open source virtualization layer. It is essentially a virtual machine running through the Docker layer. Docker works on any platform: Mac, Windows and Linux.

Detailed set up instructions are provided below. We have tested the docker container on a variety of platforms. Mac installation on later model machines (last 4-5 years) seems to be the most seamless, especially for those running mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) or newer. Windows works as well (Windows 10 required). We have seen firewall issues with windows. Linux often requires docker to be built from source. The greatest issues have been with the hardware and docker: we have seen almost no container issues, mostly docker issues.

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