Required metadata for datasets


-data_title: Short title of the data
-data_summary: Short paragraph about the data.
-data_creator: your name and email
-cesm_contact: Contact liaison or co-chair of AMWG
-creation_date: Full date of dataset creation
-update_date: Full date of most recent modification
-history: Updates to changes made to the data.
-data_script: script to generate data (will be available in the SVN repository ?)

Strongly recommended:

-data_description_url: A web-page with a description if available: This could be the climatedataguide webpage.
-data_source_url: The web page where the raw data can be downloaded
-data_reference: Full reference for the dataset if available
-data_doi: If doi of data exists
-climo_years: Year 1-year N of the climatological averaging period.
-data_mods: Any special substantive (non resolution) modifications that were made to the input data set purely for the purpose of using it in CESM.

The more info the better. The script to reproduce data is important. It doesn't need to be in good shape. Just what you used is enough.


Here are a few examples of the metadata we added in recent files:


// global attributes: 
:history = "N/A" ; 
:data_summary = "Topography data (PHIS, SGH, SGH30, LANDFRAC) based on GMTED2010 elevation data and MODIS land-water mask" ; 
:data_creator = "Peter Hjort Lauritzen," ; 
:cesm_contact = "Cecile Hannay" ; 
:creation_date = "October 29, 2015" ; 
:update_date = "N/A" ; 
:data_script = "Makefile in" ; 
:data_description = "CAM-FV 0.9x1.25 resolution topo data smoothed with CAM-FV smoother and sub-grid-scale scale-separation using ~3km cubed-sphere intermediate grid and no anisotropic SGH/SGH30. Raw data is GMTED2010 and MODIS at ~1km resolution." ; 
:data_source_url = "" ; 
:data_reference = "Lauritzen, P. H., Bacmeister, J. T., Callaghan, P. F., and Taylor, M. A.: NCAR global model topography generation software for unstructured grids, Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss., 8, 4623-4651, doi:10.5194/gmdd-8-4623-2015, 2015." ; 
:data_doi = "N/A" ; 
:climo_years = "N/A" ; 
:data_mods = "N/A" ;



// global attributes: 
:data_title = "\n", 
"CMIP6 solar forcing for piControl (fixed forcing derived from period 1850-01-01 to 1873-01-28)" ; 
:data_summary = "\n", 
"SSI data are constructed as arithmetic mean of source data (NRLSSI2+SATIRE-TS)/2.\n", 
"However, note that several modifications of source data were performed before averaging:\n", 
" - sub-annual variability has been added for periods before 1882 and after 2014;\n", 
" - Inhomogeneity in one source dataset at 11 Aug 1878 has been removed;\n", 
" - Sampling artefacts in one source dataset have been removed beyond 10,000nm.\n", 
"TSI in this file not from source data but as integral over SSI between 10 and 10,000nm" ; 
:data_reference = "\n", 
"Matthes et al. 2016: Solar forcing for CMIP6. Submitted to Geosci. Model Dev." ; 
:data_description_url = "\n", 
"" ; 
:data_source_files = "\n", 
"" ; 
:creation_date = "\n", 
"Wed Sep 21 22:26:42 MDT 2016" ; 
:data_creator = "\n", 
"Katja Matthes,\n", 
"Bernd Funke,\n", 
"Monika E. Andersson, Luke Barnard, Juerg Beer, Paul Charbonneau,\n", 
"Mark A. Clilverd, Thierry Dudok de Wit,\n", 
"Margit Haberreiter, Aaron Hendry, Charles H. Jackman,\n", 
"Matthieu Kretzschmar, Tim Kruschke, Markus Kunze,\n", 
"Ulrike Langematz, Daniel R. Marsh, Amanda Maycock,\n", 
"Stergios Misios, Craig J. Rodger, Adam A. Scaife,\n", 
"Annika Seppaelae, Ming Shangguan, Miriam Sinnhuber,\n", 
"Kleareti Tourpali, Ilya Usoskin, Max van de Kamp,\n", 
"Pekka T. Verronen, Stefan Versick" ; 
:cesm_contact = "\n", 
"Mike Mills," ; 
:data_script = "\n", 
"Created by program createSolarDataFileCMIP6PIcontrol.ncl\n", 
"SVN path:" ;


 // global attributes:

:Conventions = "CF-1.0" ; 
:source = "CAM" ; 
:case = "f.e11.FWTREFC1.f19_f19.ccmi30.001" ; 
:title = "UNSET" ; 
:logname = "dkin" ; 
:host = "ys0143" ; 
:Version = "$Name$" ; 
:revision_Id = "$Id$" ; 
:initial_file = "/glade/p/cesmdata/cseg/inputdata/atm/waccm/ic/" ; 
:topography_file = "/glade/p/cesmdata/cseg/inputdata/atm/cam/topo/" ; 
:history = "calculate_oxid_ozone_climo_files" ; 
:nco_openmp_thread_number = 1 ; 
:climo_years = "Year 2000, 10 year (1995-2004) climatological averaging period." ; 
:data_script = "calculate_oxid_ozone_climo_files in" ; 
:creation_date = "Tue May 31 14:32:14 MDT 2016" ; 
:contract = "S. Tilmes, L. Emmons, D. Kinnison" ; 
:data_creator = "S. Tilmes, NCAR," ; 
:data_summary = "Data are from a CCMI WACCM REFC1 simulation averaged for 1995-2004." ; 
:data_title = "WACCM CCMI oxid and ozone climatology 2000" ;