CESM Workshop 2023 Posters

Actionable Science Cross Working Group Posters

An Introduction to a GEWEX Regional Hydroclimate Project over the CONUS    
Tim Schneider

CONUS-404: High resolution dynamic downscaling over CONUS   
Roy Rasmussen

Overview of the Climate Justice in CESM task force   
Monica Morrison

Atmosphere Model Working Group Posters

Impact of regional carbonaceous aerosols on the global monsoon area and precipitation  
A. Acharya

Evaluation of VR-CESM historical simulations with different resolutions over Euro-Mediterranean Region  
B. Boza Karul

Improving the representation of shallow cumulus convection with the simplified-higher-order-closure-mass-flux (SHOC+MF) approach  
M. Chinita

Exploring Slab-Ocean Models and Ocean Heat Fluxes for Insights in Assessing Climate Sensitivity in CESM  
C. Hannay

Simulating the Climate Forcing of Volcanic Aerosols With a Simplified Interactive Model  
J. Hollowed

A conservative deep-atmosphere configuration for the HOMME dynamical core  
O. Hughes

Response of moist heat stress to changes in surface evaporative resistance  
Q. Kong

Reducing low-cloud bias in the GEOS-5 model: role of large-scale controls and ocean-atmosphere coupling  
M. Kurowski

Computational domain size effects on large-eddy simulations of precipitating shallow cumulus convection  
O. Lamaakel

Development of Taiwan Earth System Model version 2 based on CESM2  
Wei-Liang Lee

The texture of atmospheric humidity: Near-surface turbulence in precipitating cumulus convection  
G. Matheou

Southern Ocean Boundary Layer Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN): CAM6 biases against field campaign observations  
Q. Niu

CONUS-404: High resolution dynamic downscaling over CONUS  
R. Rasmussen

The impacts of Mediterranean SST (MedSST)- Nudging on the Performance of Community Earth System Model (CESM) in Representing the Euro-Mediterranean Climate  
E. Toker

Land Model Working Group Posters

Developing high-resolution Community Earth System Model (CESM 2.x) land use and land cover change data for actionable science at regional and local scales  
Peter Lawrence

Robust Changes in North America's Hydroclimate Variability and Predictability  
Sanjiv Kumar

Ocean Model Working Group Posters

From nutrients to fish: A novel, high-resolution Community Earth System Model simulation linked to a fisheries model  
Kristen Krumhardt

Whole Atmosphere Working Group Posters

Comparison of sectional and modal scheme in CESM2(WACCM-MA)  
Ilaria Quaglia

Simulating the Climate Forcing of Volcanic Aerosols With a Simplified Interactive Model  
Joe Hollowed

Interpretable Deep Learning for the Identification of Sudden Stratospheric Warming Events  
Yu-Chiao Liang

Climate Variability and Change Working Group Posters

The role of Bjerknes and shortwave feedbacks in the tropical Pacific SST response to global warming  
Minmin Fu

Co-benefit of achienving global carbon neutrality in enhancing and stabilizing solar and wind energy  
Yangyang Xu

Rapid Development of Systematic ENSO-Related Seasonal Forecast Errors  
Jonathan Beverley

Diverse Eurasian Temperature Responses to Arctic Sea Ice Loss in Models Due to Varying Balance Between Dynamical Cooling and Thermodynamical Warming  
Cheng Zheng

Earth System Prediction Working Group Posters

Assessing Decadal Variability of Subseasonal Forecasts of Opportunity Neural Networks trained with CESM2  
Marybeth Arcodia

The Latest from the Data Assimilation Research Testbed: Powerful New Assimilation Algorithms, Advances in Efficiency and Capabilities, New Model and Observation Interfaces, and Novel Results.  
Kevin Raeder

Biogeochemistry Working Group Posters

The Effect of Forest in Dampening the Diurnal Cycle on Land-Atmosphere Interaction  
Yi-Shin Jang

Land Ice Model Working Group Posters

Exploring Conditions of WAIS collapse during the Last Interglacial  
Mira Berdahl

Paleoclimate Working Group Posters

Presenting the Newly Redesigned Paleoclimate Working Group Website: A Community Catalog of Simulations and Resources  
Esther Brady

cfr: a Python package for climate field reconstruction  
Feng Zhu

The central role of diabatic heating in developing Arctic air masses into mid-latitude cold air outbreaks  
Kara Hartig

Software Engineering Working Group Posters

GPU Performance of the Simple Cloud Resolving E3SM Atmosphere Model (SCREAM)  
Mark Taylor