When presenting results based on the CESM2 Large Ensemble in either oral or written form, please acknowledge the CESM2 Large Ensemble Community Project and supercomputing resources provided by the IBS Center for Climate Physics in South Korea, and reference the DOI of Rodgers et al., 2021.

A list of publications using the CESM2 Large Ensemble (LENS2). If you would like to add a publication to this list, please contact [ ]

  • Yamaguchi, R., and Coauthors, 2023: Persistent Ocean Anomalies as a Response to Northern Hemisphere Heating Induced by Biomass Burning Variability. J. Climate, 36, 8225–8241,
  • Kim, JE., Yamaguchi, R., Rodgers, K.B. et al., 2023: Interannual fires as a source for subarctic summer decadal climate variability mediated by permafrost thawing. npj Clim Atmos Sci, 6, 84.