Data Sets Available to the Community

Data from the project are publicly available to any scientist who is interested. Annual, monthly, 5-day, daily, 6-hourly and 3-hourly outputs have been saved as single variable timeseries.

A selected list of monthly 100 member ensemble mean climate variables can be accessed through the IBS openDAP server.

For casper users, the data is available on glade at:


Restart files are also available on casper at:


CVDP-LE diagnostics (images and data files) are accessible from the CVDP-LE Data Repository. CVDP-LE results (images only) are also available from the ICCP Climate Data portal. Component, CCR and CVDP diagnostics for the first 10 ensemble members are also available.

January 2022 update: The 100-member ensemble is complete. 1.8TB of CESM2-LENS data is available from NCAR's Climate Data Gateway using the links below.

Climate Data Gateway Data Sets