CCSM3 Last Interglacial Simulations

A series of Last Interglacial simulations have been completed with CCSM3 at the T85x1 resolution. 

Further details are provided in the paper below:

  •  Otto-Bliesner, B. L., N. Rosenbloom, E. J. Stone, N. McKay, D. Lunt, E. C. Brady, and J. T. Overpeck, 2013: How well do models reproduce Last Interglacial warmth? New model-data comparisons, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 371, 20130097, 10.1098.

We kindly ask that you reference this paper and acknowledge the PaleoclimateWG when presenting results based on the CCSM3 Last Interglacial simulations in either oral or written form. 

Project Details

  • Simulations 
    • b30.020.ES02:  Pre-industrial (1870) control at ES
    • b30.133:  LIG 130ka - WAIS; Extended Grid, West Antarctic Ice Sheet removed; ocn i.c. from pccsm.08b (y399)
    • b30.136:  LIG 130ka; ocn i.c. from pccsm.08b (y399)
    • b30.137:  LIG 125ka; ocn i.c. from pccsm.08b (y399)
    • b30.138:  LIG 120ka; ocn i.c. from pccsm.08b (y399)
  • Model Version: CCSM3 (ccsm3_0_beta12)
  • Resolution: T85_gx1v3
  • Years: Varies by simulation
  • Ensemble Size: one each
  • Time Frequencies Saved: Monthly

Data Acquisition

The CCSM3 Last Interglacial simulations are available on the NWSC computing storage at /glade/campaign/cesm/development/palwg/LastInterglacial/CCSM3.


Diagnostics for the CCSM3 Last Interglacial simulations can be found here.