Toolbox for Human-Earth System Integration and Scaling (THESIS)

Diagram showing an overview of the THESIS tools NCAR is coordinating the development of the Toolbox for Human-Earth System Integration and Scaling (THESIS) to facilitate linkages between the Community Earth System Model (CESM) and Integrated Assessment or impact models. THESIS consists of models and software tools to translate, scale, and synthesize information from and between human system models and CESM.

Initial development is focused on urban areas and agriculture, both of which are explicitly represented in the Community Land Model (CLM), the land surface component of CESM. Tools are made available to the community as they are completed. Learn more about the THESIS tools below, or see the THESIS tools license, copyright notice, and disclaimer.

If you are interested in using, further developing, or contributing new tools then contact us via the information below.

Urban System Tools Library

Agriculture and Forest System Tools Library

    • Spatial projections of agricultural land use

      Projects global spatial distribution of cropland and pasture given aggregate regional land use outcomes, for use as input to CLM or the crop yield tool
    • Agricultural yield

      Provides regionally aggregated effect of climate change on crop yields based on projected spatial land use and CLM outcomes
    • CLM land use data

      Generates a transient land use and land cover change input data file for use by CLM5 in CESM2 simulations.

Contact us

For general questions about THESIS, contact Keith Oleson [ ]

For technical questions about THESIS access and operation, contact Brian Kauffman [ ]