New developmental version of the CESM2 family, CESM2.2.0

CESM2.2 is a new developmental version of the CESM2 family, containing many new developments in several component models since the release of CESM2.0 in June 2018. Some of these new advancements include: a developmental version of CAM, CAM6.3, with new dynamical core configurations and capabilities for the Spectral-Element (SE) and NOAA’s Finite Volume Cubed Sphere (FV3) dynamical cores; a new version of WACCM-X, WACCM-X 6.2, that supports CAM6 physics; an updated version of CLM that includes infrastructure and parameterization improvements; availability of a functional version of the Modular Ocean Model version 6 (MOM6); and several bug corrections. As such, CESM2.2 contains answer-changing developments in comparison to the CESM2.1.z series.

The CESM2.2 release is not a scientifically supported version; that is, we do not have any long simulations with this model version yet. Rather, CESM2.2 provides consolidated access to new model developments and features accomplished over the last two years so that any interested community members can access and further develop them.

In most cases, users should continue to use the CESM2.1.z series for their science and especially for CMIP6-related simulations.

To learn more, visit the CESM2 homepage.