Atmosphere Model Working Group co-chairs rotation

Peter Caldwell of DOE’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory finished his second term as AMWG co-chair on November/30/2021 after six years of service. Peter brought a forward-looking, constructive, and rigorous approach to his role as co-chair. His in-depth knowledge of atmospheric models and his experience with DOE’s E3SM system gave invaluable guidance and perspective to AMWG’s work in CAM development.

Starting on December/1/2021 we welcomed Kevin Reed of Stony Brook University as our new AMWG co-chair. Kevin has been an active member of the AMWG community for over twelve years. He has already made many important contributions to CAM science, including basic work to understand tropical cyclone simulations in high resolution CAM, and the development of simple configurations such as Radiative Convective Equilibrium (RCE). We look forward to working with him in the coming years.