Post Processing Utilities

The scripts provided below are used to create the plots found on the CESM1.0 Diagnostics page for the ocean model and on the POP2 "Stand Alone" Diagnostics page. These scripts are configured to run on NCAR's Data Analysis Services Group (DASG) machines (mirage0, mirage1, etc.); however, you can export them to your local machine. If you are running them locally, you will need NCL, IDL, Matlab, and Ferret. You will also need to download the observational data from the repository. If you do not have access to the listed non-public software packages and the module you wish to use requires it, you may use the code provided here as an example of how to process and plot your data using your preferred data analysis software. Running these scripts on a machine other than the DASG machines is untested and unsupported. These modules are a work in progress as they were initially intended for internal use; therefore, some of the modules will fail to create a plot (or data). Updates will be made periodically.