Sea Ice Component

The sea ice component of the CESM2 is the Community Ice CodE (CICE).

CICE5.1.2 is the latest released version of the Los Alamos Sea Ice Model. It is the result of a community effort to develop a portable, efficient sea ice model that can be run coupled in a global climate model or uncoupled as a stand-alone ice model. It has been released as the sea ice component of the Community Earth System Model (CESM), a fully-coupled global climate model that provides simulations of the earths past, present and future climate states. CICE5 is supported on high- and low-resolution Greenland Pole and tripole grids, which are identical to those used by the Parallel Ocean Program (POP) ocean model. The high resolution version is best suited for simulating present-day and future climate scenarios while the low resolution option is used for paleoclimate simulations and debugging.


  • CESM-CICE 5.0 Users Guide [HTML] [PDF]
  • CICE: The Los Alamos Sea Ice Model [GitHub]
    Documentation and Software User's Manual from Los Alamos National Laboratory

Namelist and Input Parameters