10th PAWS webinar

Dec. 1, 2023

9:00 – 10:00 am MST

Virtual (Join PAWS Groups for Zoom link)
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Poleward expansion of tropical cyclones in warmer climates

Alexey Fedorov, Yale University

Dr. Alexey Fedorov is a Professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Yale University. Additionally, he serves as a Senior Visiting Scientist at the Laboratoire D'Oceanographie Et Du Climat Experimentations Et Approches Numeriques (LOCEAN) of Sorbonne University. Dr. Fedorov studies ocean, atmosphere and climate dynamics in the context of anthropogenic climate change and past climate variations. He has authored over 130 articles on a broad range of topics from El Niño and ocean-atmosphere interactions to tropical cyclones and ocean circulation. In his work, Fedorov employs a hierarchical approach that incorporates both state-of-the-art global climate models and models of reduced complexity. Dr. Fedorov is a Guggenheim Fellow (2018) and a recipient of the Presidential Climate Change Research Award (2019- 2025), initiated by French President Macron.

Using proxies and models to constrain tropical cyclone frequency shifts over the Common Era

Lizzie Wallace, Old Dominion University

Dr. Lizzie Wallace is an assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at Old Dominion University specializing in coastal geomorphology and paleoclimate science. Lizzie’s research interests include developing long term records of coastal climate extremes (e.g., tropical cyclones, nor’easters) using sediment cores and global climate models and exploring the links between climate change (e.g., sea level rise, drought, rainfall) and coastal processes and ecosystems.