Climate Variability & Change Working Group Meeting 2022


Meeting Presentations

17 February 2022

Live Replay

Presentation Title Presenter
Mechanisms behind the springtime North Pacific ENSO teleconnection bias in climate models Ruyan Chen
ENSO diversities and its impace on the interannual variation of terrestrial water storage to sea-level Yan-Ning Kuo
Comprehensive representation of tropical-extratropical teleconnections obstructed by tropical Pacific convection biases in CMIP6 Qinghua Ding
ENSO explains the link between Indian Ocean Dipole and meridional ocean heat transfer Kay McMonigal
Mechanisms of Fast Walker circulation response to CO2 forcing Melody Lu
Roles of regional aerosol forcing on the Pacific decadal variability ChenRui Diao
Defining Internal Atlantic Multidecadal Variability in a Changing Climate Clara Deser
ENSO characteristics during different state sof the Atlantic and Pacific Meridional Overturning Circulations Maria Molina
Understanding the drivers of Atlantic multidecadal Variability using a stochastic Model Hierarchy Glenn Liu
Finding a subset of the CESM2large ensemble to maximize variance for western US downscaling Naomi Goldenson
Climate change impacts on upper ocean processes from atmospheric rivers using a high-resolution CESM Christine Shields
Impact of tropical cyclone wind forcing on the global climate in a fully-coupled climate model Hui Li
Do extreme precipitation events alleviate frought and fire risk? Danielle Touma
How the great plains dust bowl drought of the 1930s affected heat extremes over North America and elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere Jerry Meehl