Ocean Model Working Group Meeting 2022


Meeting Presentations

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

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Presentation Title Presenter
Changes to exchange across the Southwest Greenland shelf break in response to surface and vertically distributed meltwater forcings in a mesoscale-eddy resolving ocean model Theresa Morrison
Importance of the Antarctic Slope Current in the Southern Ocean Response to I ce Sheet Melt and Wind Stress Change Rebecca Beadling
Effects of deterministic and stochastic corrections to the hydrostatic pressure gradient force in 2/3-degree MOM6 Ian Grooms
Evaluating simulated along-isopycnal stirring using microstructre Deepak Cherian
Groundwork for incorporating enthalpy fluxes in CESM-MOM6 Gustavo Marques
A dynamic vertical grid for the optimal resolution of baroclinic modes in ALE ocean models Scott Bachman
MOM6 diagnostic consistency on non-native grids Keith Lindsay
Wednesday 26 January 2022

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Presentation Title Presenter
Role of ocean and atmosphere variability in scale-dependent thermodynamic air-sea interactions Lucas Laurindo
How well do forced ocean-sea-ice experiments represent variability in eastern boundary upwelling? R. Justin Small
Impact of parameterized submesoscales in a 54-year high-resolution forced ocean sea-ice experiment Sanjiv Ramachandran
Diabatic Upwelling in the Tropical Pacific: Seasonal and sub-seasonal variability Anna-Lena Deppenmeier
Climatic reach of small-scale ocean turbulence Ali Mashayek
Developments in Wave Modeling within CESM Paul Hall
Abandoning implicit down-gradient viscosity in the MOM6 boundary layer William Large
Improving tides in MOM6 He Wang
Recent developments with the Regional MOM6 model Enrique Curchitser
Thursday 27 January 2022

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Presentation Title Presenter
The future of ocean modeling: fast, cheap and turbulent! Dion Hafner
Ocean hindcast sensitivity to improved hydrologic representation Matthew Harrison
Anthropogenic climate change drives non-stationary phytoplankton variance Genevieve Elsworth
Ocean biogeochemical signatures of the North Pacific Blob Samuel Mogen
Regional mixed layer depth as a climate diagnostic and emergent constraint Baylor Fox-Kemper