CESM Tutorial 2022


Tutorial Agenda


Monday, August 08 2022

Topic: Welcome and logistics

Speakers: Peter Lawrence, Bette Otto-Bliesner, Carolyn Brinkworth, and Elizabeth Faircloth
Topic: Introduction to the coupled system

Speaker: Gokhan Danabasoglu
Topic: Atmosphere Modeling I: Intro & Dynamics

Speaker: Peter Lauritzen
Topic: Atmosphere Modeling II: Physics

Speaker: Rich Neale
Topic: Introduction to NCAR HPC Systems

Speaker: Rory Kelly
Topic: Run CESM2: Introduction

Speakers: Kate Thayer-Calder and Chris Fisher

Tuesday, August 9 2022

Topic: Land Modeling I: Biogeophysics

Speaker: Dave Lawrence
Topic: Land Modeling II: Biogeochemistry: Ecosystem Modeling

Speaker: Will Wieder
Topic: Defining the internal component of Atlantic Multidecadal Variability in a changing climate: Insights from Large Ensembles

Speaker: Clara Deser
Specialized Talk
Topic: Simpler Models

Speaker: Isla Simpson
Topic: Run CESM2: Simple Modifications

Speakers: Hui Li

Wednesday, August 10 2022

Topic: Atmosphere Modeling III: WACCM

Speaker: Mike Mills
Topic: Atmos. Modeling IV: Chemistry, Aerosols

Speaker: Simone Tilmes
Topic: Ocean Modeling I

Speaker: Gustavo Marques
Topic: Tropical Cyclones and climate

Speaker: Hui Li
Topic: Land Use and Land Cover Change

Speaker: Peter Lawrence
Topic: Ecosystem Dynamics and Fire

Speaker: Jacquelyn Shuman
Meet a Scientist
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Specialized Talk
Topic: Model development: Coupling/Tuning

Speaker: Cecile Hannay
Topic: Diagnostics and Output

Speaker: Jesse Nusbaumer

Thursday, August 11 2022

Topic: Ocean Modeling II

Speaker: Peter Gent
Topic: Ocean Biogeochemistry

Speaker: Keith Lindsay
Topic: Sea Ice Modeling

Speaker: Dave Bailey
Meet a Scientist
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Specialized Talk
Topic: Porting CESM and New Features

Speaker: Jim Edwards, Brian Dobbins, Mariana Vertenstein
Topic: Namelist and Code Modificatioms

Speaker: Cecile Hannay

Friday, August 12 2022

Topic: Land Ice Modeling

Speaker: Bill Lipscomb
Topic: Isotopes

Speaker: Bette Otto-Bliesner and Jiang Zhu
Topic: Geoengineering

Speaker: Simone Tilmes
Topic: Earth System Prediction

Speaker: Stephen Yeager
Topic: Closing remarks and Photo

Speaker: Peter Lawrence
Breakout Topic: Ocean/Sea Ice/ Land Ice

Speakers: Alper Altunas, Dave Bailey, Kate Thayer-Calder
Breakout Topic: Land / Biogeochemistry

Speakers: Peter Lawrence, Erik Kluzek, Keith Lindsay
Breakout Topic: Atmosphere / Chemistry / WACCM

Speakers: Hannay, Mike Mills