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Running POP on PCs

LANL POP has been successfully run on a single-processor Intel PC with Windows NT. POP was built with Digital Visual Fortran 5.0 as a Win32 console application (meaning you run it with a command line in a DOS window). The make system used for other platforms was not used on the PC. Instead, a standard Visual Studio project was created.

Source files added to the project were

In addition to the defaults, these Fortran preprocessor options '/fpp' was needed. To enable POP to run the test problem without stack overflow, reserve stack memory was set to 64 MB. A lower value may be possible, but 48 MB was not enough. The debug version required the link option: /nodefaultlib:libc. The release version (optimized) ran the test problem in about four minutes (262 seconds) on a 450 MHz, 256 MB Pentium II PC.