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Snapshot history files

If sufficient memory is not available for run-time accumulation of time-averaged history files or if the user simply needs an instantaneous view of the ocean state, snapshot history files can be written at regular intervals. The interval must be short enough that whatever time-averaging interval may be desired in the future, there will be three or more samples (snapshots) per averaging-interval. For monthly averages, snapshots should be collected at intervals of 10 days or less. Only one time-level of the prognostic variables and selected diagnostic variables needs to be saved, since second-moments and correlations can be computed later from these snapshot files, at the cost of retrieving a potentially large number of snapshot files. To choose which fields are written to the history files, a history contents file must be supplied with a list of fields desired. A sample file is included which contains all the currently available fields; the user may edit this file to select the desired fields. If a field is not currently included in the list of available fields, the user must modify the source code to make that field available (see the Reference Manual).

Table: History file namelist
&history_nml Generation of snapshot history files
history_freq_opt ['never'],'nstep', 'nyear', 'nmonth', 'nday', 'nhour', 'nsecond' units of time for history_freq
history_freq [100000] number of units between output of snapshot history files
history_outfile ['unknown'] root filename with path of history file output (suffixes will be added)
history_fmt ['bin'],'nc' format for history files (binary or netCDF)
history_contents ['history_contents'] input file containing names of fields requested to be output

Table: Currently available history fields
Name Units Description
SHGT cm surface height
UBTROP cm/s barotropic 'zonal' velocity
VBTROP cm/s barotropic 'meridional' velocity
UVEL cm/s 'zonal' velocity
VVEL cm/s 'meridional' velocity
TEMP ° C potential temperature
SALT g/g (msu) salinity
SUF cm2/s2 surface velocity flux in U direction
SVF cm2/s2 surface velocity flux in V direction
SHF W/m2 surface heat flux
SFWF m/year surface fresh water flux
SOLAR W/m2 solar short wave flux at surface

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