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Topographic stress

If ltopostress is .true., then an implementation of a topographic stress parameterization [8] is enabled. In effect, this changes the field acted on by the Laplacian operator from (U,V) to (U-U*,V-V*) where (U*,V*) are derived based on the topography gradient and a specified length scale (note that this only works for Laplacian mixing). A smoothed topography can be used to compute this gradient with the number of smoothing passes with a 9-point averaging stencil is governed by nsmooth_topo.

Table: Topographic stress namelist
&topostress_nml LANL default CESM1 default Valid values Topographic stress parameters
ltopostress .false. .false. .true.,.false. if .true., topographic stress is enabled
nsmooth_topo 0 0 integer > 0 number of passes to smooth topography