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Similar to the coupling option, if you wish to create a non-optimized pop executable for use with a debugging tool, you must specify this on the make command line:

gmake OPTIMIZE=no.

By default, this will create an executable named pop_db rather than the usual pop.

CESM1 Notes

CESM1 debugging settings are controlled by the CESM1 scripts and are described in the Build-time variables section of the CESM1 User's Guide.

For short debugging and port-validation runs, it is often useful to generate double-precision netCDF time-averaged (tavg) history files. In order to invoke this option, compile your case with the CESM1 POP2 option, -DTAVG_R8, by editing the $CASE/Buildconf/pop2.buildexe.csh script and adding the -DTAVG_R8 option to the gmake command.