2018 WG Meetings

Land Model and Biogeochemistry
Working Group Meetings

Event Start Date: 02/05/18
Event End Date: 02/07/18
Location: NCAR, Mesa Lab, Boulder, CO
Registration: $55 | Registration Closed


Participant List


02/05/18 - LMWG and SDWG
Presentation Title Presenter
Quantify the biophysical and socioeconomic drivers of changes in forest and agricultural land in South and Southeast Asia Atul Jain
DEMETER: A land use land cover disaggregation model Kate Calvin
The joint effects of climate and LULCC on terrestrial hydrology over the conterminous United States in the 21st century Maoyi Huang
Land use and land cover distribution is a primary determinant of global carbon cycle projections and ergional temperature projections Alan DiVittorio
Agent-based modeling of anthropogenic land cover change: A case study from Roman North Africa Nick Gauthier
Modeling the hydro-climatic effects of land use and land cover changes in the Euphrates and Tigris Basic under a changing climate Yeliz Yilmaz
Diving deeper into land use in CLM5: Shifting cultivation, fire, and wood harvest Peter Lawrence
Towards a better representation of crop growth and management in the Community Earth System Model Bin Peng
Assessing beneficial effects of large-scale adoption of intercropping using new schemes for crop-cop competition for soil N and NH3 volatilization in CLM Ka Min Fung
CLM-Palm for simulating oil palm plantations: Carbon cycle, canopy hydrology and energy balance Yuanchao Fan
LUMIP / Discussion -

02/06/18 - LMWG
Presentation Title Presenter
Evaluating and improving the Community Land Model's sensitivity to land cover Ronny Meier / Edouard Davin
State of CLM and CESM Dave Lawrence
Exploring the CLM5 structure and parameters Rosie Fisher
Representing plant hydraulics in CLM5 Daniel Kennedy
Beyond benchmarking: Evaluating model assumptions with experimental manipulations Will Wieder
Scoring methods in the ILAMB benchmarking package Nate Collier
Update on transition to Community Terrestrial Systems Model (CTSM) Martyn Clark
CTSM / CLM git model development work flow Bill Sacks
Representative hillslopes in CTSM Sean Swenson
Impact of snow properties on the simulation of present day Arctic climate Heidrun Matthes
Towards high resolution snow cover history matching in permafrost region Kristoffer Aalstad
Patterns and signatures characterizing the partitioning of precipitation into evapotranspiration and runoff in land surface parameterizations Hui Zheng / Zong-Liang Yang
Initializing carbon cycle predictions from CLM by assimilating biomass and LAI observations Andrew Fox
Introduction to the Terrestrial Systems Modeling Platform integrated with the Parallel Data Assimilation Framework: Technical concepts and application examples Stefan Kollet
Global multisensor and multivariate land data assimilation and applications Peirong Lin / Zong-Liang Yang

02/07/18 - LMWG and BGCWG
Presentation Title Presenter
Evaluating the short and logn-term fate of N deposition in CLM5 Susan Cheng
Twoards an implementation of soil NOx emissions in CLM5 Maria Val Martin
Nitrogen losses in agriculture: Coupling the FAN ammonia flows with the CLM crop model Julius Vira
Impact of rock weathered nitrogen on terrestrial productivity Pawlok Dass
Summary and discussion of N-cycle development activities Will Wieder
Unified formula for land biogeochemical models Yiqi Luo
The importance of atmospheric feedbacks on the effect of land surface properties Marysa Lague
Simulating canopy-level solar induced fluorescence with CLM-SIF 4.5 at a sub-alpine conifer forest in the Colorado Rockies Brett Raczka
Future forest vulnerability to mortality from drought and fire in the western US Polly Buotte
Introducing prognostic beetle and prognostic harvest modules to the CLM Atul
Building capacity in the CLM to better model forest management Joshua Rady
The FETCH2 plant hydrodynamic model and biomass hydraulic capacitance Ashley Matheny
Does leaf trait acclimation to elevated carbon dioxide alter projections of trapical ecosystem composition and functioning? Marlies Kovenock
Identifying regimes of tropical forest PFT coexistence in FATES Atul
Interaction of climate, fire, and vegetation state for coexistence of tropical trees and grass Jackie Shuman
The FATES selective logging module Maoyi Huang

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