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Climate Variability and Change
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Event Start Date: 01/29/18
Event End Date: 01/29/18
Location: NCAR, Mesa Lab, Boulder, CO
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Climate Variability and Change
Presentation Title Presenter
Tropical ocean decadal variability and connections to Antarctic and Arctic sea iceJerry Meehl
Regional, seasonal, and lagged influences of the Amundsen Sea Low on Antarctic sea iceLaura Landrum / Marika Holland
The signature of ozone depletion in recent Antarctic precipitation changeJan Lenaerts
Contrasting the Antarctic and Arctic atmospheric responses to projected sea ice loss in the late 21st CenturyMark England
A barotropic mechanism for the response of jet stream variability to Arctic Amplification and sea ice lossBryn Ronalds
New insights on Arctic-midlatitude dynamics from causal discoveryMarie McGraw
What controls the duration of El Nino and La Nina events?Yuko Okumura
Eastern Pacific ITCZ dipole: A spring view of ENSO diversityShang-Ping Xie
Thermodynamic constraint on the depth of the global tropospheric circulationDave Thompson
Seamless prediction: Can we use shorter timescale forecasts to calibrate climate change projections?Hannah Christensen
Low-frequency North Atlantic climate variability in CESM LENSWho Kim
Efficient driving of AMOC variability by North Atlantic buoyancy fluxes in CCSM4Grant Branstator
Whole atmosphere simulation of anthropogenic climate changeStan Solomon
The downward influence of uncertainty in the Northern Hemisphere Stratospheric polar vortex response to climate changeIsla Simpson
Historical context of the 2017-18 Northern Plains droughtAndrew Hoell
Challenges in understanding climate non-stationarity and its influence on water resources in the U.S. SouthwestFlavio Lehner
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