2017 Winter WG Meeting Presentations | SDWG

Evaluation of multi-year drought capabilities of the CESM Large-Ensemble using MODE
Abayomi Abatan

Application Relevance: Need for establishing critical insights into CESM
Caspar Ammann

Applying Earth System Forecasts for Climate Change to Inform Conservation Planning of The East African Great Lakes
S. Asefi

Global Initiative for Integrative Modeling of Human and Earth Systems
Michael Barton

ScenarioMIP CESM2
Susan Bates

Challenges in regional verification of climate variability projections and predictions
Barbara Brown

How does initial land cover uncertainty influence carbon and climate projections?
Alan Di Vittorio

Substantial effects of land cover uncertainty on carbon and climate projections
Alan Di Vittorio

David Lawrence

CLM5: Model Structure Recap
Rosie Fisher

Improving the maize growth processes in the Community Land Model: implementation, evaluation and future work
Kaiyu Guan

Project Sim Turtle
Cheryl Harrison

Quantifying Impacts of Land-use and Land Cover Change in a Changing Climate at the Regional Scale using an Integrated Earth System Modeling Approach
Maoyi Huang

Co-Production of Applied Climate Knowledge
Laurna Kaatz

SDWG - THESIS and Applied Projects
Peter Lawrence

SDWG - Gross vs Net LULCC investigation
Peter Lawrence

Crops in CLM5
Danica Lombardozzi

Spring wheat responses to elevated CO2 in CLM: from version 4.5 t 5
Yaqiong Lu

Avoiding and Reducing Long-Term Risks of Climate Change
Jeremy Martinich

Beyond BRACE: A new activity for the NCAR Climate and Human Systems Project
Brian O'Neill

THESIS update and Breckenridge plans (Toolbox for Human-Earth System Interation & Scaling)
Brian O'Neill

Historical and Future Land Use and Land Cover Change in CLM5 and CMIP6
Peter Lawrence

Accelerated Scientific Discovery (ASD) Large Ensemble Climate Interventions Simulations
Jadwiga Richter

Community Experiments for the IPCC 1.5 degree report
Ben Sanderson

Misadventures in Parameterization and Why the Robots Haven't Won (Yet)
Ben Sanderson

Irrigation and Plant Hydraulics Parameterizations in CLM5
Sean Swenson

Accelerated Scientific Discovery (ASD) Large Ensemble Climate Intervention Simulations
Simone Tilmes

Incorporating decadal climate predictions into water management
Erin Towler

Quantifying Future Climate Change Impact on Crop Yield in the Americas: Assessing a new ensemble modeling approach to regional climate downscaling
Guiling Wang

Proposal for optimizing SDWG computing use

Societal Dimensions Working Group Meeting