2017 Winter WG Meeting Presentations | BGCWG + LMWG

Modeling canopy-induced turbulence in the Earth system: a unified parameterization of turbulent exchange within plan canopies and the roughness sublayer
Gordon Bonan

Unifying land modeling across NCAR: The Community Terrestrial System Model (CTSM)
Martyn Clark

The ILAMB Benchmarking System - v2.1
Nathan Collier

Substantial effects of land cover uncertainty on carbon and climate projections
Alan Di Vittorio

David Lawrence

CLM5: Model Structure Recap
Rosie Fisher

Challenging CLM with observations in semi-arid ecosystems - and then what?
Andy Fox

Improving the maize growth processes in the Community Land Model: implementation, evaluation and future work
Kaiyu Guan

Quantifying Impacts of Land-use and Land Cover Change in a Changing Climate at the Regional Scale using an Integrated Earth System Modeling Approach
Maoyl Huang

(Preliminary analysis of) Diurnal cycles in land carbon fluxes and imprint on atmospheric CO2
Gretchen Keppel-Aleks

Forest response to rising CO2 drives zonally asymmetric rainfall change ovr tropical continents
Gabriel Kooperman

CLM5 Carbon Cycle
C. Koven

C. Koven

Plant leaf trait acclimation amplifies simulated warming in response to elevated carbon dioxide
Marlies Kovenock

Relationship between snow covr and temperature trends in observational and earth-system model ensembles
Paul Kushner

Idealized Land Modelling in CESM
Marysa Lague

Crops in CLM5
Danica Lombardozzi

Spring wheat responses to elevated CO2 in CLM: from version 4.5 to 5
Yaqiong Lu

Matrix approaches to modeling land carbon and nitrogen cycles
Yiqi Luo

Watershed Concepts in CLM
Justin Perket

Historical and Future Land Use and Land Cover Change in CLM5 for CMIP6
Peter Lawrence

Leaf Area-Climate Interaction as a Functional Constraint Across CMIP5 Models
Gregory Quetin

Understanding the Causes and Implications of Enhanced Seasonal CO2 Exchange in Boreal and Arctic Ecosystems
Brendan Rogers

Misadventures in Parameterization and why the Robots Haven't Won (Yet)
Ben Sanderson

Irrigation and Plant Hydraulics Parameterizations in CLM5
Sean Swenson

Towards a robust representation of nutrient control of the land carbon cycle: Formulaiton and numberics
Jinyun Tang

Harvesting more wood from less area: Simulating the intensification of forest managment in the CLM
Quinn Thomas

Nitrogen cycle in CLM5
Will Wieder

Assessing impacts of selective logging on water, energy, and carbon fluxes in Amazon forests using the Functionally Assembled Terrestrial Ecosystem Simulator (FATES)
Yi Xu

Matrix tool to facilitate land carbon modeling: case studies from CLM4.5
Yuanyuan Huang

Modeling nitrogen and phosphorus cycles and their impacts on the carbon cycle
Qing Zhu