2017 Winter WG Meeting Presentations | AMWG

Sensitivities to orographic drag in CESM
Julio Bacmeister

Ice Microphysical Changes in WACCM6 and CAM6
C. Bardeen

Ultraparameterization: Using large eddy simulation for global simulation of boundary layer clouds and climate
Christopher Bretherton

ACME Progress
Peter Caldwell

Advances in the Application of Parallel Split Physics/Dynamics Coupling in Atmospheric Models
Aaron Donahue

Strategies for Cumulus Parameterization for CESM3 and Begyond
Leo Donner

Updates to Microphysics in a Global Model
T. Eidhammer

Forcing Feedbacks in CESM2
Andrew Gettelman

Experiments preparing for a coarse resolution NorESM2
Lise Graff

CESM2 development simulations: Are we there yet?
Cecile Hannay

Incorporating realistic surface LW spectral emissivity into the CESM Model: Impact on simulated climate and the potential sea-ice emissivity feedback mechanism
Xianglei Huang

Lessons learned from the Dynamical Core Model Intercomparison Project (DCMIP-2016)
Christiane Jablonowski

How the Midlatitude Surface Influences the Polar Troposphere in Observations and Models
Paul Kushner

CAM-CLUBB-SILHS-MG2: Sensitivity to horizontal grid spacing
Vincent Larson

An Overview of the Simplified CESM2 Model Configurations
Peter Lauritzen

CESM2 release of CAM-SE (& CAM-SE-CSLAM)
Peter Lauritzen

Effect of Nitrate aerosols on indirect forcing as modeled by CAM with MOSAIC
Zheng Lu

A coupled model hindcast framework for cloud-associated processes evaluation
Hsi-Yen Ma

Volcanic forcing in CESM2
Mike Mills

A Potential Radiative Forcing Error from the Cirrus Cloud Pre-existing Ice Assumption
D. Mitchell

Dynamical System Approach to Organized Convection Parameterization for GCMs
Mitch Moncrieff

Recent Changes in the Community Atmosphere Model, version 6
Rich Neale

The Madden Julien Oscillation in CAM5/6: Coupling and Improvements
Rich Neale

Tracing the origins of tropical SST biases in CESM through a hindcast approach
Angela Cheska Siongco

Why Do Climate Models Drizzle Too Much and What Impacts Does This Have?
Christopher Terai

Summary of the WACCM/CAM/Chemistry Modeling Suite
Simone Tilmes

Enforcing conservation of atmospheric axial angular momentum in CAM FV: Method and results in CESM2 and NorESM2 simulations
Thomas Toniazzo

Intermittency in precipitation: duration, frequency, intensity and amounts using hourly data
Kevin Trenberth

Sensitivity of the Pacific Cold Tongue and Double-ITCZ Biases to Convective Parameterization
Matthew Woelfle

Variable-resolution CESM updates: CAM-SE and CAM-MPAS
Colin Zarzycki

Water Conservation in CAM5 and the ACME Atmosphere Model
Kai Zhang