2013 WG Meeting Presentations | OMWG


CESM update
Marika Holland, NCAR-CGD

Atmospheric model developments
Joe Tribbia, NCAR-CGD

POP developments
Mathew Maltrud

Topographic control of Gulf Stream
Susan Bates, NCAR-CGD

Estuary-shelf freshwater exchange parameterization
Yu-heng Tseng, NCAR-CGD

Regional and High Resolution Modeling

Progress on nRCM
Justin Small, NCAR-CGD

High resolution, fully-coupled simulations with T341 atmosphere and 0.1° POP/CICE
Milena Veneziani

T85 and T341 fully coupled CESM simulations: Climatology comparisons and Present-day transient initialization strategy
Julie McClean

High resolution simulations at NCAR
Frank Bryan, NCAR-CGD

AMOC in CORE-II simulations
Gokhan Danabasoglu, NCAR-CGD

Evaluation of oceanic and sea ice Arctic
Wieslaw Maslowski

MPAS-O Developments

Status of MPAS-O
Mark Petersen, Doug Jacobsen

Plans for MPAS-O in 2013
Todd Ringler


Update on BGCWG Activities
Keith Lindsay, NCAR-CGD

Automated diagnostics of CESM ocean biogeochemistry
Ernesto Munoz, NCAR-CGD

Physical-biogeochemical interactions in the CESM
Keith Moore

Surface iron budget change in a RCP8.5 simulation
Kazuhiro Misumi

Carbon isotopes in the ocean model of the CESM
Alex Jahn, NCAR-CGD

Agulhas Leakage in CCSM4
Wilbert Weijer

UQ study of parameter sensitivity in POP
Detelina Ivanova

Further consideration of GM under testbed-based parameter estimation
Matthew Hecht

Ocean Mixing

Climate impacts of sea-ice heterogeneity (CPT)
Nancy Norton, NCAR-CGD

A sensitivity study of ocean mixing under sea-ice using a 2-column ocean grid in coupled POP-CICE
Meibing Jin

CVMix: A modular vertical mixing framework
Stephen Griffies

Alec Bogdanoff

Topographic wave drag
David Trossman

WaveWatch and Langmuir mixing
Adrean Webb

Energetically consistent mixing schemes
Carsten Eden