2013 WG Meeting Presentations | LIWG

Update on the Bisicles dynamical core in CISM
Dan Martin

A new unstructured variable-resolution finite element ice sheet stress-velocity solver within the MPAS / Trilinos FELIX dycore of PISCEES
Irina Kalashnikova

A new variational derived ice sheet model
Douglas Brinkerhoff

A novel approach to calculation of mass conserving beds and error estimation
Jesse Johnson

Relating inverse-derived basal sliding coefficients beneath ice sheets to other large-scale basal variabiles
David Pollard

The physics of cryo-hydrologic warming
Harihar Rajaram

Progress in coupling land ice and ocean models
Matt Hoffman

Updates from LIWG members who could not attend the meeting
Steve Price

Development and evaluation of CESM-CISM coupling and spin-up, and initial sea level rise results from Greenland
Jeremy Fyke

LIWG software engineering updates and future plans
Bill Sacks

Method and toolkit for two-way ice sheet – GCM coupling
Bob Fischer

First realistic simulation of surface mass balance of the Greenland ice sheet with a global climate model: Evaluation, projections, and future challenges with CESM
Miren Vizcaino

An evaluation of the present day surface energy and mass balance over Greenland ice sheet in GEOS-5
Bin Zhao

Sensitivity of nascent ice sheet growth rates to the frequency of GCM updates: Toward optimal coupling of GCMs and ice sheet models
Adam Herrington

Impacts of surface mass balance uncertainties on ice sheet initialization and predictions of sea level rise
Charles Jackson

Advanced ice sheet modeling: Parameter estimation for grounding-line transition
Gunter Leguy

Verification and validation strategies for the Community Ice Sheet Model
Kate Evans