2015 WG Meeting Presentations | AMWG

Joint: AMWG | WAWG

Navigating CAM5 physics in WACCM
Mike Mills, NCAR

New Finite Volume semi-Lagrangian based tracer transport schemes for Community Atmospheric Model (CAM-SE) – Performance and scalability with a focus on Yellowstone
Crhistoph Erath

Impact of numeric choices on CAM5 climate
Peter Caldwell

Metrics for model selection and uncertainty quantification
Charles Jackson

Nudging as a testbed for atmospheric physics
Steve Ghan

About NorESM, a model based on CCSM4, but with significant amendments
Trond Iversen

Microphysical simulations of large volcanic eruptions: Pinatubo and Toba
Jason English, CU

Solar Spectral Irradiance effects on tropospheric regional climate? WACCM4 preliminary results, ENSO, and volcano issues
Juan Fontela

Downward coupling
Dan Marsh, NCAR

Atmospheric tides in WACCM and the latest (CMIP5) generation of climate GCMs
Curt Covey


CSLAM and tracer advection
Peter Lauritzen, NCAR-CGD

A "final" version of prescribed Aerosols for CAM5
Phil Rasch

Development of a 4 mode aerosol package for CAM5
Xiaohong Liu

Aqueous phase formation mechanism for organic aerosols in CAM
Joyce Penner

New aerosol diagnostics for CAM
Po-Lun Ma, Cecile Hannay, NCAR-CGD

Aerosol-cloud interactions and uncertainties in CAM
Andrew Gettelman, NCAR-CGD-ACD

Aerosol indirect effects in PBL Clouds: SCAM5 vs. LES
Chris Jones

Aerosol sectional model at LLNL
Cathy Chung

Ocean sources of aerosols
Scott Elliott

Aerosol branch
Steve Ghan


Arctic Clouds in Superparamterized CESM
Melissa Burt

Formulation of ice nucleation parameterizations in mixed-phase clouds linking to aerosols in CAM5
Xiaohong Liu

Impacts of CAM5 Cloud Microphysics on Arctic clouds and radiation
Jason English, CU

An Evaluation of Arctic Surface Temperature in Hind-cast and AMIP runs in CAM4 and CAM5
Neil Barton

Climate response and radiative forcing for each aerosol species in CESM prescribed from NCAR and Harvard concentrations
Qiong Yang, Sarah Doherty, Cecilia Bitz

The Winter Sea Ice-Atmosphere Feedback over the Barents Sea
Jessica Liptak

Joint Session: AMWG | CCWG | PCWG | WAWG

AMWG co-chair update

PCWG co-chair update

WAWG co-chair update

CCWG co-chair update

Yellowstone update
Mariana Vertenstein, NCAR-CGD

Joint: LMWG | SDWG

Parallel Session 1: Land Use – Joint with Land Model Working Group

Intro to joint session
Brian O'Neill, NCAR-CGD

A spatial downscaling procedure for allocating agricultural land-use change
Prasanth Maiyappan

Understanding the influence of averaging CLM output within agro-ecological zones on GCAM land use distribution estimates in the iESM
Alan Di Vittorio

Assessing the impacts of a new planting date scheme on crop productivity and yield in CLM-Crop
Beth Drewniak

An agriculture module for CLM
Erwan Monier

Effects of dynamic crop growth and irrigation on surface energy partitioning and climate over the continental U.S. using WRF-CLM
Lara Kueppers

Plans for and process of component model development and assessment


Parallel Session 2: SDWG – Water / CORDEX Joint Session

Introduction, NA-CORDEX structure, relation to CESM / SDWG and goals of this meeting
Bill Gutowski

Ag sector needs from global and regional climate science
Gerry Hatfield

Usable Climate Science for Society
Ammann / Kaatz

Science priorities – Strawdog science questions
Linda Mearns

Applications priorities
David Behar

Services priorities
Joseph Barsugli