2013 WG Meeting Presentations | BGCWG + LMWG

CLM and CESM updates
Dave Lawrence, NCAR-CGD

Estimates of radiative forcing from fires predicted by CLM
Dan Ward

Outrageous LAI for replacement vegetation in the tropics
Andrew Badger

The implications of differences in stomatal conductance model parameters on estimates of ecosystem-atmosphere energy exchange
Bill Bauerle

Roughness sublayer turbulence in the Community Land Model
Ned Patton

The CLM4 stomatal conductance calculation revisited: the empirical Ball-Berry equation and its relationship to relative humidity and vapor pressure deficit
Jinyun Tang

The influence of chronic ozone exposure on global transpiration and gross primary productivity: implications for climate
Danica Lombardozzi, NCAR-CGD

Land Model and Biogeochemistry Working Groups joint with Uncertainty Quantification Focus Group

Sensitivity of site-level CLM4 simulations to input meteorology
Dan Ricciuto

Bayesian calibration and evaluation of transferability of hydrologic parameters in CLM
Maoyi Huang

Estimating Community Land Model parameters using surrogates
Jaideep Ray

Dimensionality reduction and global sensitivity analysis for the Community Land Model
Cosmin Safta

A traceability framework to facilitate model evaluation
Yiqi Luo

Simple models of the global carbon balance – A data-driven approach to compare with LSMs
Mat Williams

Soil biogeochemistry

Global soil carbon predictions are improved by modeling microbial processes
Will Wieder, NCAR-CGD

CLM4-BeTR, A generic biogeochemical transport and reaction module for CLM4: Model development, evaluation, and application
Bill Riley

Modeling the above and below ground carbon and nitrogen stocks in northern high latitude terrestrial ecosystems
Atul Jain

Nutrient interactions

Nitrogen cycling in the Hadley Centre land surface model (JULES)
Josh Fisher

Insights into mechanisms governing forest carbon response to nitrogen deposition: a model-data omparison using observed responses to nitrogen addition
Quinn Thomas

CNP modeling
Peter Thornton

The modeled response of terrestrial nitrogen pathways to changes in domestic livestock populations from 1850 to present using the CESM
Stuart Riddick

Forest mortality and disturbance in the Community Land Model (CLM)
Jennifer Holm

The impact of land use change in Amazonia on South American Climate using ED-BRAMS
Abby Swann