2011 WG Meeting Presentations | PCWG

PCWG Update and Meeting Overview

Characterizing the Present-day Arctic Atmosphere in CCSM4
Gijs de Boer

Late 20th Century Simulation of Arctic Sea-ice and Ocean Properties in CCSM4
Alexandra Jahn, NCAR-CGD

21st Century Arctic Climate Change in CCSM4
Steve Vavrus

Interannual to Multidecadal Arctic Sea Ice Extent Trends in a Warming World

Impacts of Shifting Seasonality on Arctic Ocean Carbon and Nutrient Cycles
Matt Long

CFCs in the South Pacific in CCSM4
Corinne Hartin

Antarctic Sea Ice Variability in CCSM4 Preindustrial Control
Laura Landrum, NCAR-CGD

Late 20th Century Antarctic Climate Change in CCSM4
David Schneider, NCAR-CGD

Internal Variability in Simulated 21st Century Arctic Sea Ice Evolutions: Climate Forcing and Response
Justin Wettstein

Gases in Ice
Scott Elliot

Regional Arctic Climate Model (RACM): Overview and Selected Results
Wieslaw Maslowski, Matthew Higgins

Climate Uncertainty Quantification Project
Curt Covey

Sea Ice in CESM / CAM5 Simulations
Dave Bailey, NCAR-CGD

Inception of the Laurentide Ice Sheet. The North Pacific Ocean Connection
Francis Otieno

Spatial Characterization of Sea Ice and Relevance of Spatial Roughness for Energy Exchange and Melting
Ute Herzfeld

Mechanisms of Melt Pond Control on Arctic Sea Ice
Christopher Polashenski

Melt Ponds in CICE
Elizabeth Hunke

Salinity Modeling in CICE
Adrian Turner

Salinity Modeling in CICE from a Biogeochemistry Perspective
Nicole Jeffrey

High Latitude Land Model Developments
Dave Lawrence, NCAR-CGD

Interior Mixing CPT Update
Markus Jochum, NCAR-CGD

Sea Ice Heterogeneity CPT Update
Marika Holland, NCAR-CGD