2011 WG Meeting Presentations | LMWG

Introduction and State of CLM Project
Dave Lawrence, NCAR-CGD

Progress Installing 3D Canopy Radiation in CESM/CLM4
Bob Dickinson, U. Texas at Austin

Evaluating and Improving CLM Hydrologic Processes for Integrated Earth System Modeling at Regional Scales
Maoyi Huang, PNL

Improvement of CLM4 Soil Hydrology by Introducing Micropores / Macropores to the Soil / Aquifer Coupling
Liang Yang, U. Texas at Austin

Interactive Wetlands/Lakes in CLM-RTM and Impact in Nile Region
Sirein Awadalla, MIT

Incorporating 3D Subsurface Hydrologic Processes: Coupling PFLOTRAN and CLM
Gautam Bisht, ORNL

Can We Realistically Represent Tropical Drought Stress in Models?
Anna Harper, CSU

Assessing the Effects of Hydrodynamic Stresses on Stomatal Conductance in Forest Patches with Trees of Difference Structures, Sizes, and Species
Gil Bohrer, Ohio State

Water Isotopes
Bill Riley, LBL

Representation of Anthropogenic Effects in CLM: Application of GRACE 12:20 Discussion
MinHui Lo, UC-Irvine

Update on a Revised Lake Model for CLM
Zack Subin, UC-Berkeley

Recent CLM-related Progress at University of Arizona
Koichi Sakaguchi, U. Arizona

Evaluation of the New CNDV Option of the CLM: Effects of Dynamic Vegetation and Interactive Nitrogen on CLM4 Means and Variability
Kendra Castillo, Purdue

Estimating Vegetation Distribution in the 21st Century: The Role of Meteorology in Plant Migration
Eunjee Lee, MIT

Model Development and Application using CLM-DGVM
Xiaodong Zeng, Chinese Academy of Sciences

21st Century North Africa as Simulated in the CCSM4/CESM1
Sam Levis, NCAR-CGD

Mid-latitude Afforestation: Consequences for General Circulation and Tropical Precipitation
Abby Swann, Harvard

Effects of N-limited Downregulated GPP on Stomatal Resistance in CLM-CN during the 21st Century (preliminary experiments)
Eungul Lee, Lehigh

A Comparison of Early Holocene Orbital Insolation and Present-day Greenhouse Gas Forcings and Their Influences on Alaskan Ecosystems using CESM
Erik Mason, Lehigh (presented by Ben Felzer, Lehigh)