2011 WG Meeting Presentations | LIWG

Progress on Ice Mechanics Modeling and Scalable Algorithms for Ice Fracture
Eric Bomen

Towards Robust and Scalable Implicit Stokes Solvers: Meshing and Preconditioning Tools
Dmitry Karpeev

Lagrangian Particle Model for Ice Sheet and Ice Shelf Dynamics
Alex Tartakovsky

Dan Martin

An Improved Solution Framework for Greenland Ice Sheet Simulation within Glimmer-CISM
Kate Evans

An Update on Land-ice Modeling in CESM
Bill Lipscomb

An Update on Modeling Land-ice/ocean Interactions in CESM
Xylar Asay-Davis

Scaling Techniques for Simultaneously Modeling Hundreds of Thousands of Glaciers and Ice Caps
David Bahr

On the Influence of Bed Topography on the Modeled Variables of an Ice Sheet Model
Ute Herzfeld

A Multi-rheology Ice Model: Formulation and Application to Greenland Ice Sheet Responses to Transient Climate Change
Diandong Ren

Progress in Modeling Glacier Hydrology
Gwenn Flowers

Review of Observations of West Greenland Summer Acceleration Relevant to Process-based Ice-sheet Modeling
Matt Hoffman

A 2D, Computationally Light, Single-head Ice Sheet Hydrology Model
Liam Colgan

Seasonal Evolution of Subglacial Drainage and Ice Motion in a Glacio-hydrodynamic Flow-band Model
Sam Pimentel

Modeling Meltwater Delivery to the Ice-bed Interface through Fractures at the Margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Caroline Clason

Simulated Runoff from the Greenland Ice Sheet and Peripheral Glaciers
Sebastian Mernild

Monitoring and Modeling Subglacial Lake Activity in the MacAyeal Ice Stream Catchment
Sasha Carter