2011 WG Meeting Presentations | CCWG

CAM5 and Low Resolution CAM
Rich Neale, NCAR-CGD

Middle Atmosphere CAM
Julio Bacmeister, NCAR-CGD

Updates to CAM-chem
Jean-Francois Lamarque, NCAR-CGD-ACD

New Datasets: GEOS5 / MERRA / HIPPO / Ozone
Simon Tilmes, NCAR-CGD-ACD

CSL Proposal
Jean-Francois Lamarque, NCAR-CGD-ACD

Simone Tilmes, NCAR-CGD-ACD

Geoengineering with CARMA
Jason English, CU

P. Young, NOAA

Ice Algae Emissions
Scott Elliott, LANL

Pollution Events
A. Fiore, NOAA

L. Emmons, NCAR

National Park Project
C. Heald, CSU

Radiative Forcings using PORT
A. Conley, NCAR

VSL Halogen Chemistry in CAM-CHEM
Doug Kinnison, NCAR