2011 WG Meeting Presentations | AMWG

Update and Progress on CAM

Welcome, Logistics, and Introductory Remarks

Status of CAM4 and CAM5 Modeling and Simulation Activities
Rich Neale, NCAR-CGD

CESM1(CAM5) 1-Degree Coupled Simulations
Cecile Hannay, NCAR-CGD

CAM Current and Future Parameterization Updates

Inclusion of Microphysics in Convective Parameterization in CAM5
Guang Zhang

Testing Cloud Microphysics Parameterizations in CAM5
Xiaohong Liu

UNICON a Unified Convection Scheme for CAM
Sungsu Park, NCAR-CGD

PDF-based Stratiform Physics for CAM
Peter Caldwell

Sub-columns/SP-CAM Plans
Andrew Gettelman, NCAR-CGD-ACD

Future Directions for Radiative Transfer: Prospective Capabilities and Diagnostics
Bill Collins

Consistent Representation of Precipitation, Cloud, and Radiative Fluxes in GCMs
Xiaoqing Wu

Climate, Climate Variability and Intercomparison Project Activities

The CGILS Project 8
Minghua Zhang

Results from VOCAL Experiments
Chris Bretherton

CAM4 with Prognostic Aerosols and MICOM-BCM Ocean Model (NorESM)
Oyvind Seland

Climate Sensitivity in CAM5
Andrew Gettelman, NCAR-CGD-ACD

Analysis of CAM4 and CAM5 Clouds using COSP

Estimation of Climate Sensitivity at Surface from CESM1, CCSM4, and Observation
Sungsu Park, NCAR-CGD

Multiscale Modeling of Cloud-aerosol Interactions in CAM
Minghuai Wang

Uncertainty Quantification Studies

Computational Aspects of the UQ Project at LLNL
John Tannahill

Scientific Aspects of the Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) Project at LLNL
Don Lucas

3336-member Ensemble Representative of CAM3.1: Uncertainty to selecting values for 15 parameters important to clouds and radiation
Charles Jackson

Diagnosing Sahel Drought in the Ensemble CAM3.5 using Data Assimilation
Yu-Heng Tseng, NCAR-CGD

Dynamical Core Development

Integration of the MPAS Dynamical Core into the CESM
Art Mirin

Analysis of the MPAS Hydrostatic Dynamical Core in Aqua-planet Mode
Todd Ringler

Simulations of West African Climate with an Adaptive Grid Dynamics Core in CAM
Bill Gutowski

Configuration of a High-resolution Spectral and Spectral Element CAM
Kate Evans

Saroj Mishra

Climate Processes

Improving the Parameterization of the Ice Cloud Mass-weighted Fall-speed using in situ Data from Recent Field Campaigns
David Mitchell

The Effects of Turbulent Mountain Stress (TMS) on the Boundary Layer in CAM
Gumilla Svenson

Stratocumulus Cumulus transition: A Climate Process Team (CPT)
Chris Bretherton

CAM Physics to WRF: Exploring CAM Parameterizations at High Resolution
Phil Rasch

CAM4 and CAM5 Quarter Degree Simulations
Julio Bacmeister, NCAR-CGD