2013 CLM Tutorial

Lecture 8: Ocean Modeling II

Speaker: Gokhan Danabasoglu, NCAR-CGD
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Practical Session 3 Intro: Diagnostics and Output

Speaker: Adam Phillips, NCAR-CGD
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Lecture 9: Sea Ice Modeling

Speaker: Dave Bailey, NCAR-CGD
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Lecture 10: Intro to Biogeochemical Modeling Ocean & Coupled

Speaker: Keith Lindsay, NCAR-CGD
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Lecture 11: Applications: Modeling Isotopes in the CESM

Speakers: Alexandra Jahn, NCAR-CGD, Esther Brady, NCAR-CGD
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Practical Session 4 Intro: Namelist and Code Modifications

Speaker: Cecile Hannay, NCAR-CGD
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Lecture 12: Modeling land ince in the Community Earth System Model

Speaker: Jeremy Fyke, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Lecture 13: Applications: Climate Change

Speaker: Jeff Kiehl, NCAR-CGD
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Practical Session 5

Speakers: Dave Bailey, NCAR-CGD, Bill Sacks, NCAR-CGD, Sam Levis, NCAR-CGD, Keith Lindsay, NCAR-CGD, Dani Coleman, NCAR-CGD, Simone Tilmes, NCAR-CGD/ACD
[Practical Session 5: Breakout - Ocean/Ice] [Practical Session 5: Breakout - Land Ice] [Practical Session 5: Breakout - Land] [Practical Session 5: Breakout - BGC] [Practical Session 5: Breakout - Atmosphere] [Practical Session 5: Breakout - Chem/WACCM]